Town of Middlesex, New York
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By a deed dated July 15, 1789, Thomas Maxwell sold to Arnold Potter the land that included what are now the Town of Middlesex and the Town of Potter. This was approximately 42,230 acres. This was part of the Canandaigua district until 1797, when the Town of Augusta was organized. As there was already a Town of August, the name was changed to Middlesex in 1808. It was also called Potterstown and by some it was called Suckerstown because of the fish in West River. In 1832 it was divided, the east part taking the name of Potter in honor of Arnold Potter and the west part kept the name of Middlesex. The entire western boundary of the Town of Middlesex is Canandaigua Lake.

At the Board of Supervisors in Yates County in 1824, Middlesex’s first representative, Selden Williams, said, “The Town of Middlesex is so poor that nothing but eagles and angels can subsist there.”

Although we still have some poor we have the beautiful hills and valleys dotted with productive farms and scenic attractions including the village and picturesque Vine Valley.

Over the years, there has been some controversy regarding the birthplace of the Seneca nation between Nundawao (South Hill) and Genundowa (Bare Hill). They are both in the Town of Middlesex and border beautiful Canandaigua Lake.


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