Town of Middlesex, New York

Planning Board

Martin DeVinney, Chairman


Meeting Times:

1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month - 7:00pm
1st Wednesday - Site Plan Review - 7:30pm
3rd Wednesday - Board Work Session (optional)

 Komarek vs. Planning Board of Town of Middlesex

Index No. 2016-0072
Memorandum - Decision and Order Dated Nov 30, 2016



Wednesday, August 2, 2017 - 7pm

Draft Minutes – July 5

Site Reviews

New Business:

1. App. # 07121717-SPR/Marathon Engineering, representing owner Mike Messina at 344 East Lake Road, requests Preliminary Site Plan Review for demolition of an existing tram and installation of a new tram system to shoreline. Tax ID # 001.076-1-1.1 (LR)

2. App. # 071617-SPR/ William Grove, P.E., representing owner Charles Andrew Coots at 581 East Lake Road, requests Preliminary Site Review for new construction of a single-family residence on vacant lot, new driveway and septic, Tax ID #11.02-1-1.112, (LDR)

3. App. # 071717-SPR/Jay Ladue LLC, representing Jon Bagley requests Site Plan Review for the minor subdivision of 3 residential lots at 1233 Kaltenback Road, Tax ID # 22.03-1-10.1 (LDR & AG)

4. App. #072117-SPR/QwikSolar LLC representing Peter Gerbic requests Site Plan Review to install a ground-mounted residential solar system on property at 5945 Wolfanger Rd., Tax ID # 32.03-1-24 (LDR & AG)
Old Business:

5. App. # 040117-SPR/Lersch represented by Venezia & Assoc. for a 2-Lot Minor Subdivision and Final Site Plan Review for new construction of a single-family residence, driveway and septic to be located at 867 S. Lake Rd., Tax Map ID #21.02-1-1 (LR)
Other Business:

6. Code advisement: B. Campbell/represented by Edward Campbell for construction of a 900 ft. driveway for access to a proposed Storage Pole Barn at 3055 Hagerty Rd, Tax ID # 23.03-1-10

7. Code advisement: Lindner/represented by B. Rieff for construction of deck and steps at 1315
S. Lake Rd, Tax ID #21.79-1-3 (LR)

Next meeting: September 6

Chair Report

CEO Report:

*NOTE: Amendments to posted Agendas may occur due to unforeseen changes



Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)

Preliminary Plat for the Komarek Subdivision

Board Review of Steep Slope Draft Law

  • Dec. 11 - Town Board adopts Steep Slope Law
  • Dec. 11 - Town Board reviews current draft and votes to adopt as drafted and completes SEQRA Review (Part 2 and Part 3)
  • Dec. 3 - Planning Board reviews current draft (9/22)  Steep Slope Law and recommends by resolution (12/3 Resolution) to Town Board for readiness to adopt as drafted.
  • Nov. 6th - Public Hearing/SEQR Review – Town Board as Lead Agency
  • Oct. 23rd - Yates County Planning Board Review at the County Office Buildings, 417 Liberty Street, Penn Yan, NY
  • Oct. 9th - SEQRA Review - Town Board as Lead Agency  (Part 1)
  • Oct. 1st, Sept. 17, Aug. 20 – Planning Board Work Sessions & Review
  • July 17th – Planning Board Public Informational Meeting – Steep Slopes Draft Law

History of Steep Slope Draft Law:


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