Town of Middlesex, New York

History of Steep Slopes Draft Law Revisions

Archived Revisions to Draft Steep Slopes Draft Law

Steep Slopes Draft Zoning Amendment and Proposed Revisions to Steep Slopes Regulations and Guidelines:

The Planning Board, with help from local environmental agencies, has continued to make necessary revisions to our Steep Slopes Draft Law, incorporating public comment into a more workable document for all.

Steep Slope Law Adopted 12/11/2014 – Local Law Amending the Zoning Law of the Town of Middlesex with Steep Slopes Regulations.

Town Board reviews Steep Slopes Draft Law:

Town Board - Public Hearing on Steep Slopes Draft Law – Nov. 6th

  • County Review of Steep Slope Law (9/22 rev) - Oct. 23
    County recommendation for approval

 Town Board SEQRA Review - Town Board as Lead Agency - Oct. 9th

Planning Board Review of Steep Slopes Draft Law:

  • Review & Resolution recommendation to Town Board for adoption – Dec. 3  (click here for Resolution)
  • Planning Board Work Session  – Oct. 1
  • Planning Board Work Session  – Sept. 17
  • Planning Board Work Session  – Aug. 20
  • Steep Slope Draft Law Revisions Update Informational Meeting: July 17

SEQR Process of Scoping History - Komarek Major Subdivision - (click here for archived revisions)


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