Town of Middlesex, New York
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Town Court - License Suspension

Explanation of License Suspension Procedures

New York State Law provides that a New York State Driver's License, or the privilege to drive in New York State for out of state licensees, will be suspended if the licensee fails to appear in response to a traffic summons or fails to pay a fine imposed by the Court after 60 days.

If 60 days have elapsed since your appearance date or fine due date and you have not appeared or paid your fine, the Department of Motor Vehicles is notified and a suspension notice is sent to you.

If you appear or pay your fine before the date of suspension on the notice, the Court notifies the Department of Motor Vehicles and the suspension does not occur.

If you fail to appear or pay your fine by the suspension date on the notice, your license is suspended on that date and you are no longer legally able to drive in New York State.

After a suspension occurs, you must also pay a $70 scofflaw fee in addition to any fines and surcharges before the suspension will be lifted.

Lifting of a suspension can take up to a week. Once your suspension is lifted it is your responsibility to check your driver status with DMV.





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